24 Jun

As of today, all recipes and blog posts will be posted on my brand spanking new website:


Sorry for the lack of posts!

23 Jun

I’m really sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I just want you all to know that I haven’t left and jumped ship with the site nor stopped finding the cheapest and easiest way of making your much loved gluten free food. At the moment, I am in the process of moving my site to a proper ‘’ site, but it’s taking some time as things don’t seem to do what you want them to do [i,e. links not working, font being ‘all over the place’ RARGH!]

Vegetable Kebabs

8 Jun

This is such a simple yet tasty barbecue delight which can be made with any of your favourite vegetables. However, please make sure you soak your wooden skewers for an hour before barbecuing. The ingredients listed are to make three vegetable skewers.


  • 9 Cherry Tomatoes
  • 3 Large Peppers [chopped]
  • 2 Spring Onions


  1. Thread the vegetables onto the skewers making sure there is an even amount of each vegetable on each skewer
  2. Place skewers on barbecue, turning frequently until vegetables are tender and golden brown.

Barbecue at Gez’s

8 Jun

On Thursday the 2nd of June, me and Mike were invited along to Gez’s house for one of his awesome barbecues. I wasn’t expecting to go to any barbecue that day, so I wasn’t at all prepared, but luckily me and Mike were in town and near a Tescos so I could pick up some Tesco free from bread rolls – win!

[Gez and his barbecue]

Not only we’re there a choice of burgers, but also a choice of other barbecue dishes such as vegetable kebabs, home made coleslaw and potato salad

Dough Pizza Kitchen’s Gluten Free Tasting Evening

7 Jun

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending Dough Pizza Kitchen’s first gluten free tasting evening. The night was designed for us coeliacs, as well as those who support us, the chance to mingle together in a fun and supportive environment whilst tasting their new gluten free pizza recipes.

I took along my friend Amy, who also suffered from coeliac disease and like myself, it obsessed with Dough Pizza Kitchen. Amy had discovered the delights of Dough one evening after being told by a nearby bar/restaurant “we’re sorry, but we don’t cater for people like yourself”. In other words, as Amy put it, “Dough literally came to my rescue that night”.

As I mentioned previously, Dough is my ‘go to’ place where I want to have fun and feel included whilst dining out with friends. With Dough I don’t have to worry beforehand about whether they’ll cater for me or if they’ll be anything I like on the menu because with Dough, you have a choice of starters, mains, pizzas, pastas salads and desserts that can be made gluten free. Even though they serve the gluten alternatives for those who don’t want to have gluten free food, Amy did tell me that her boyfriend Matt much prefers the gluten free dough sticks to the original!

The tasting session was held underneaths Dough’s ‘sister’ bar, Apotheca, which gave it that fun, friendly yet sophisticated atmosphere to the night. We were introduced to the friendly David and Alyson, who made me and Amy feel so welcome. It was nice to see such a large mix of people, from young to old, male to female as well as different races, but that’s the good thing about Dough, they literally cater and suit anyone!

Alyson explained how in 2008, they’d decided to ‘dip their toes’ in the world of gluten free food, in order to provide those with dietary needs the chance to have a fun night out without having to worry about what’s on the menu. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Dough made the right decision here because not only do me and my friends enjoy it, but the company has gone from strength to strength. With more gluten free food being introduced on the menu as well as some customers travelling from the most southern parts of England to try their pizzas – and that’s saying something!


We didn’t have to wait long till the chefs came in with the trays of gluten free pizza for us to try, we had a choice of Balsamic Onion and Cheshire Cheese, Garlic Pizza Mozerella, Spicy Chicken, Tricoloure, Duck and Brie, Butternut Squash [my favourite!] and Vegetable Delux [some of these can be found on their menu]. We were quite literally, spoilt for choice! It was nice to taste different kinds of pizza that I wouldn’t usually go for and I was surprised how healthy most of these pizzas were, especially for those coeliacs who are also health conscious. Amy’s eye lit up when she spotted the garlic pizza! Through a mouthful of the garlic pizza she explained this was the first time in years she’d tasted it but was gutted she’d forget to pack her chewing gum! However, when the second batch of pizzas came in, everyone jumped up to grab their slice, knowing how nice these gluten free pizzas were. I wish I was quick, as I had eyed the Garlic and Tomato Pizza but sadly, they’d gone when I got to the table.


However, I wasn’t disheartened, I knew the ‘crème de la crème’ was due soon, so while we waited Amy tried Estrella Damm Daura gluten free beer. I’m not a beer drinker unfortunately, but Amy felt the beer was refreshing and light, and would definitely order it on a night out!  But before we knew it, the empty pizza trays were whisked away and replaced with the most gorgeous looking gluten free desserts I’d ever laid my eyes on! Me and Amy had learnt our lesson from the pizzas, and we were up quickly before the queue started. We had a choice of New York Cheesecake and Flourless Chocolate Torte [that are already on the menu], Cappuccino Cheesecake [my favourite!] Lemon and Lime Meringue and Chocolate Meringue Roll with Whisky Cream. These were provided by The Cocoa Emporium‘ which is based in Afflecks Palace, in the Northern Quarter which I am yet to visit, but after tasting these desserts I shall be taking a visit very soon!

All in all, it was a fantastic evening and would like to thank Dough for allowing me and Amy the chance to taste their new gluten free pizzas. If you require any more information just post me a little comment below or visit the Doughs website.

Busy Weekend

2 Jun

Apologies for lack of posts but my weekend [and week for that matter!] have been somewhat hectic.

I’ll be moving out soon, so the house is having an epic clean, things have to packed or thrown and it’s Mikes birthday tomorrow [being the super organised girlfriend that I am, I havn’t got him a present yet! ARGH!]

But apart from being super busy, I have been able to fit in some fun time with the homies!

Friday night consisted of me, Mike, Bex and Tom doing what all 24+ year olds do on a Friday night… have a board game marathon! We ended up playing Sorry at first and I’d forgotten how competitive I get with that game! It’s usually expected to have some kind of ‘leeway’ with friends,  but I took no prisoners. I was ruthless, which resulted in me getting bit on the bum and loosing the game! Rapidough was just as fun but it took 4 University graduates to work out the simple rules on the back, considering the game is aimed at children! It was girls verses boys and we’d have won if it wasn’t for Mike cheating and stealing half of our dough! [tsk tsk!].

But the highlight of the night was Bex suddenly declaring that she’s off to make cake and she made a gluten free Victoria sponge! It was glorious and she was super surprised how easy and versatile it was to cook with gluten free flour!


[I thought I’d experiment with being a hipster and post these as polaroids]

That weekend I also stayed at Mikes and brought round a gluten free bread roll to be used for my breakfast in the morning. However, when I woke up in the morning starving I realised my bread roll had been moved. Maybe it’d had been moved to the bread  bin or a separate cupboard? I asked Mike’s housemate, Pete, where it could have gone.

Me: “Where’s my bread roll gone?”
Pete: “What bread roll?”
Me: “The bread roll that was on the worktop…”
Pete: “That stale bread roll?….”
Me: “Yes, that stale bread roll!!!?!?”
Pete: [sweating now] “I thought it was off…. I urm, urm, put it in the bin”
Me: [RAGE!!!!!!!]

And for punishment, I’ve placed his face on a blade of wheat. We’ve made up though, but next time he’ll be made into a gluten free bread roll!

Mini Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

26 May

This recipe was given to me by a friend who’s a genus at making Yorkshire puddings! They don’t look like your usual Yorkshire puddings, but they taste delicious and like the real thing! Also, once cool, these puddings can be stored in the freezer for up to a month!


  • 140g plain flour [I used Doves]
  • 3 medium egg
  • 200 ml milk
  • 2 tablespoons of Oil [I used Olive Oil]


  1. Pre heat oven at 220°
  2. Add a tablespoon of oil [or enough to cover the bottom] into the tray and pop in the oven. 
  3. Tip flour into the bowl, make a well and add the egg 
  4. Beat in the egg 
  5. Add the oil and milk and whisk until smooth 
  6. Once oil is hot, pour the batter into the holes and back in the oven 
  7. Cook for 20-25 mins

The Gluten Free Challenge – Day 7

26 May

I spent the rest of the day working out how to make Yorkshire puddings!

Well it was Sunday, which meant only one thing; Sunday roasts dinners! I’d been making, and failing in a dramatic fashion, to make a huge Yorkshire pudding but I think this is where I were going wrong. These giant pudding’s weren’t cooked in the middle, which I believe was a result of the pudding being so big! So this time I was going to make small puddings instead, maybe this time they’ll cook in the middle….

I followed a recipe a friend had given me which was intended for normal Yorkshire puddings and waited patiently for them to cook.

They came out cooked in the middle and tasted absolutely delicious! Yes, they aren’t the usual looking Yorkshire puddings nor look like Aunt Bessie’s, but they tasted just like normal Yorkshire Puddings and I’m happy! Also, if you make a huge batch of these mini Yorkshire’s, you can keep them in the freezer for up to one month!

The Gluten Free Challenge – Day 6

25 May

For the first time in a long time, me and Mike decided to brave Manchester city centre on a SATURDAY!
I don’t know what possessed us to do so, we try to avoid it like the plague because it’s so god damn busy!

We woke up late on the Saturday [no news there, or as my mother would say ‘give us news not history Saara’]  and rushed to get into town. Normally, I plan ahead when going in to town regarding places I am going to eat, but for some reason I never even thought until my tummy rumbled and the panic washed over me – where the chuff were we going to eat ?

Prior to my diagnosis, I would probably go for a McDonalds [I know, super healthy] or a Subway sandwich or something from Greggs, but having coeliac disease you are somewhat limited to what you can have, that will please both you and your boyfriend. Mike did suggest Greggs and was rewarded by a few death stares from me.

After standing in the middle of Piccadilly Gardens in silence, thinking of where to go and our tummy’s rumbling, we noticed Barburrito . I honestly didn’t think they’d be any point in going in to see if they had any alternatives to their burritos but I’m so glad I did.

Barburrito gives you the option of having all your burrito fillings in a bowl, without having the wrap!  Mike would usually opt for the wrap but since it was Coeliac Awareness Week  – he opted for it to be in a bowl as well!

I know I look a bit of misery guts in the picture, but  I know it’s hard to believe but I can ensure you I was super happy!

The Gluten Free Challenge – Day 5

25 May

Friday night often results in a night out on the tiles, but with it being Coeliac Awareness Week, I roped some friends into going to Dough Restaurant in Manchester.

Dough is situated within the heart of the Northern Quarter in Manchester surrounded by all the cool swanky bars. Yet it still manages to stand out, with its huge windows, impressive decor – it really does ‘wow’ you when you walk past. Usually, when I see such a swanky restaurant, I always think they’re going to be quite steep in their price range, but Dough offers affordable pizzas to suit any purse.

Dough offers gluten free pizzas, starters and desserts! I was so shocked at the amount of gluten free food that was on this menu, usually you’re faced with a little selection but at Dough, you can pretty much pick any pizza and it’s gluten free!

For my starter, I roped my friend Joe in sharing a platter of twisted dough sticks with 5 dips. They were absolutely delicious and Joe couldn’t even tell they were made from gluten free flour – they tasted ‘normal’ gluten dough sticks.

My main course was in fact a pizza and being the boring bugger that I am, I opted for a plain and simple margarita pizza [obviously with a gluten free base!] but it was absolutely gorgeous!

but the crème de la crème was the dessert. Now I don’t usually opt for a dessert at a restaurant. I normally too full up or I can’t find anything on the menu that’s gluten free, but at Dough I had a huge choice, from gluten free chocolate cake to gluten free cheesecake [mmmmm!]

Look at that little piece of heaven on a plate and yep, you guessed it, that thing was eaten in less then a second!

I really do reccomend anyone who lives in Manchester or is planning to visit Manchester sometime to try out Dough.